SOUNDBOKS 4 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring your people together, and play it loud.

We’re not quite sure what your party looks like, but we are sure that we have built the ultimate speaker for it. And we believe we can always get better at doing that. We’re excited to unveil the all-new, upgraded (and seriously powerful) SOUNDBOKS 4. Crafted alongside our community, we have greatly improved both the audio quality and the battery life.
We cranked up the bass, fine-tuned the mids and highs for a crystal-clear experience, and optimized basically everything so that the battery lasts a huge 20% longer at full volume (which, by the way, reaches 126 dB).
While we were at it, we even came up with a signature mechanism that lets you effortlessly pop off the front grill. Why? So you can upgrade your speaker with a coat of paint and really make it your own.
Of course, our heavy-duty party-friendly flight case and legendary swappable battery system are still there.

R24,999 - Incl. VAT

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Features and Benefits



At 126dB, it’s fair to say that SOUNDBOKS is loud but the real magic

comes in its ability to retain crystal clear audio at high volume.


We’ve built a speaker that can handle the realities of partying. At

long last you can enjoy your own parties, instead of sweating about

bumps or spills.


Up to 40 hours of battery means you can party wherever

 you damn well please.


Set up in seconds, connect via Bluetooth, play music. Wirelessly

connect up to 5 SOUNDBOKS speakers at the press of a button for

some serious volume.


The good folks in engineering have gone in and really

optimized not only the bass but also the mids and treble.


Same battery as before but with optimized efficiency so you

can play 20% longer at full volume. Tell your neighbors we

say “You’re welcome.”

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

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